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Laying The Foundations
For Financial Inclusion

UangCermat helps the underbanked and unbanked in SE-Asia by providing a comprehensive financial technology platform that connects various stakeholders in the ecosystem

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Our Broad Technology Suite

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Tackling Financial Inclusion

Being unbanked or underbanked means:

Being unable to access convenient, suitable and timely financial products and services

Not having a safe place to save money or not practicing regular savings habit

Being vulnerable to scams and predatory lenders with unethical collection practices

Being unable to get a loan to fund a business or make important purchases

All this perpetuates a vicious cycle of stagnant standards of living or even poverty

Our Partner Network

Forming strong & meaningful partnerships
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  • Community Groups

  • Microfinance Entities

  • Employers

  • Government Bodies & Agencies

  • Financial Institutions

We facilitate information sharing among partners and use our team's experience in finance, consulting, and technology to support a more transparent and stronger financial ecosystem

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Contact Us

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UangCermat International Pte Ltd

75 High Street, Singapore 179435

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